The Great American Ancestor Hunt

The five high schools in Stone County were asked to participate in “The Great American Ancestor Hunt”.  Three of these schools agreed to do the contest.  In conjunction with a grant from Table Rock Community Foundation of the Ozarks, we budgeted $100 for each teacher who participated, $100 for the first place winners from each class and $25 runner up prize.

The SCHGS board spent many hours reading and critiquing the over 60 entries we received.  The largest of the schools, Reeds Spring, had a lot of outstanding entries.  After much deliberation we decided to award a county wide grand prize of $150, which went to Alexis .  She was a student from Ms Prior’s class.  A two way tie for 1st place went to Harrison Sifford and

The Great American Ancestor Hunt


In order to promote an interest in genealogy and as a runner up activity for Missouri’s bicentennial in 2021, the SCHGS with help from a grant from Table Rock Community Foundation of the Ozarks challenged the 9th and/or 10th graders in all 5 high schools in Stone County to compete in “The Great American Ancestor hunt.  Three of the schools agreed to participate – Galena, Crane and Reeds Spring.  The students were given work books on how to trace their family trees.  Each student participating was instructed to construct a visual family tree and write a 500 word essay telling about their family.  Over 60 students participated.

The Stone County Historical/genealogical Society board spent many hours reading and rating these essays.  The students did an excellent job and we found that we had several ties at a school.  It was then decided to award 2 first place, 3 second place  in Ms Prior’s class and one first place and second place in Ms.       class.  One county wide grand prize was awarded to Alexis Bascom at Reeds Spring.   Each of the teachers received $100 for classroom supplies, and 1st place winners received $100 and runner ups received $25.

Galena winners in Ms. Hepplewaith’s class were Nick McRoberts and Gabby Seitz.

Crane winners in Ms. Mease class were Robyn Pascale and Alex Moss.